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Research for Companies

Emisphera Emisphera provides ad hoc market research to Companies, Professionals and Agencies.

Over the years, Emisphera has developed specific skills to manage all phases of research:

• briefing with clients
• working out research proposals
• planning
• organizing activities at national level
• executing market research
• analysing results
• drafting final reports and presentations

For Companies, Professionals and Agencies who need to find prompt solutions to specific problems, sometimes the cheapest system to achieve the desired result can be a quanti-qualitative research, capable of analyzing in-depth specific topics or problems in a limited time.

In particular Emisphera offers:

• qualitative research at national level (motivational, focus groups, observation)
• quantitative research at national level (on numerically limited samples)
• research in central locations
• ervices supporting the research carried out internally by the company (field coordination, logistics, recruitment, ecc.)

The location of the corporate office in Turin and its flexible structure entail:

• deep local roots
• knowledge of the local social context
• the possibility of carrying out non-standardised research
• direct contact between company and client

Over the years, we have been trustfully selected by:

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